Coonradt Music Studio Policies

Attendance and Participation

Students must attend weekly lessons. With a smile.

Parent attendance at lessons is optional. 

Students are required to attend and perform in several studio functions throughout the year, including 2 studio recitals, 4 masterclasses. Festival performances with the National Federation of Music Clubs are optional but strongly encouraged.

Tuition, Books, and Music

Tuition is a flat monthly rate based on 45 lessons at $32 each for 30-minute lessons or $64 each for 60-minute lessons plus studio events fee (the cost of 3 lessons). You may pay in 12 monthly installments of $128/$256 each on the first of each month or pay for the full semester or year. No makeup lessons. Your tuition reserves your exclusive time slot. See "Swap List". Payments must be made online at Refunds will be issued in the event of a teacher cancelation.

Please order assigned books and music in a timely manner. Please obey copyright laws and do NOT copy or illegally download music.


Practice is required. Please arrive prepared for each lesson.

Parents, please supervise practice time for younger children and beginning students and help build consistency in practice. Please help keep piano practice time a positive, enjoyable experience. 

Intermediate and advanced students should be responsible for their own practice with support from parents.

Ms. Christina is happy to review helpful practice techniques during lessons.



Miscellaneous Logistics

Ms. Christina is NOT the babysitter. Please do not drop off your student more than 5 minutes early or pick up your student more than 5 minutes late. Please text Ms. Christina ASAP in the event of a rare and unavoidable early drop-off or late pick-up. Students waiting at Ms. Christina's home for a sibling lesson are expected to do homework or bring another quiet activity to keep busy and NOT roam Ms. Christina's home.

Please enter Ms. Christina's home quietly, without knocking or ringing the doorbell, then remove shoes and walk upstairs to the music loft. Do not interrupt the previous student's lesson. Wash your hands before and after your lesson.


Consistent late payments, poor attendance, and/or insufficient preparation for lessons and performances are grounds for probation or termination. 1 month paid notice is required if you need to terminate lessons for any other reason. 

Swap List

If you need to miss a piano lesson, please check the lessons calendar and parent directory ("swap list" available upon request) ahead of time and contact another student's family to trade lesson times for the week. Contact Ms. Christina AFTER you've made an arrangement. In the event of an absence without a swap, you forfeit that lesson's tuition.